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“We have to get better, because this city deserves to be in Serie A. It’s a young squad, the second youngest in th21点官网e League, so we need them to realise their potential.

“I did not receive any phone call from Milan. If it had arrived, I would’ve run to San Siro.”

The Coach only took over on Wednesday after Rossi was dismissed, but made the ideal start with a thumping victory over Atalanta.

“At this moment it’s only right to g网上21点ive credit to the work done by Delio Rossi. I tried to change some things tactically, but then realised right now the last thing these lads need is confusion.

Donadoni was called in by B网络外围投注ologna, but had he been waiting for an offer from Milan?

“In four days we did what was possible and now need to take a closer look at some situations in the locker room,” Donadoni told Sky Sport Italia.

Roberto Donadoni gave credit to predecessor Delio Rossi after

“Along with technique, the psychological aspect is going to be decisive. I hope this victory can be only the prelude to what will happen further down the line.”